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goquo275978 Saturday 30th September at 10:09am

Ok guys,......let's get some opinions.

What are peoples' interpretation of "smart money"??

There's a girl on RadioTAB (Nicole Thomas, I think), who, annoyingly, uses the term waaaaay too often.
So I wrote down a few of her examples.
One last Wed was Ipswich race 1 "WINNING ACCORD"..........apparently, the smart money was on.
Result? It ran 3rd.....@ 19/1......in a field of 5..........For mine, it doesn't look like a smart bet. The winner was odds-on and ridden by J. Lloyd.)
I've heard this girl give the prices and "holds" on the races..........and I'm can't listen to her any more......I'll turn the radio off for 5 mins.
What are your thoughts?? Is this service really necessary??

Go for it...........and yes, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Happy punting.

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Dart Smart Sunday 1st October at 2:49pm

Smart money is probably any money that isn't hers. The real "SMART MONEY" on any race is the money invested on the winner, of course we usually only know that with the benefit of hindsight. I hate it when they say such and such a horse has been heavily backed from a hundred to one into 30 to one in a tuesday race at Cessnock or some other minor country meeting. It only takes a $10 bet to move a horse in that far when there is FA in the pool.

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52poutanes Thursday 5th October at 6:55pm

They are just using spruikers terms as a marketing ploy to suck in the average Joe......The 'smart money' as they call it, is basically the favourite, because that's who the betting agencies hold the most money on......what a surprise

As Big Kev used to say I'M EXCITED

Edited at 6:59pm on Thursday 5th October

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Lunatic Monday 9th October at 10:27am

The worst are the Sky Racing announcers (worst is R Freedman ).
Comments like:" X has firmed from $7.60 to $7.10"
If you like a roughie, Y as firmed from $100 to $80.
But the very worst is when they claim a horse has firmed --when I am at home watching
the OFFICIAL FLUCS ( can't tell you how) --and the horse has actually blown from $3.50 to $4.50 !!!!
These comments are made before EVERY race. It's basically false advertising--and therefore breaking the law.

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Aarons1973 Friday 13th October at 10:44am

With reference to someone like Nicole Thomas(Radio Tab) when she uses the term "smart money" it is often money placed by regular winning accounting holders that are identified by Tabs & other corporate bookies. The corporates tend to close their account or limit the amount they accept on a bet, I'm not sure that Tabs have the power to do so.
Smart money when referrenced particualry RadioTab is generally a decent guide as they give a free marker mover on the breakfast show around 7.15 & 34 from the last 41 have won.
Just my 2 bobs worth.

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