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Biggest drop in weight from last start

10. Baby Jack Albury Race 4 60.5kg 54kg 6.5kg
11. Benno's Boy Albury Race 6 60kg 54kg 6kg
11. Leica Bita Magic Albury Race 7 59kg 54kg 5kg
16. El Teniente Lismore Race 6 59kg 54kg 5kg
11. Zarreig Albury Race 4 58.5kg 54kg 4.5kg
8. Hurry Up Harry Albury Race 7 59.5kg 55.5kg 4kg
5. What Girls Want Albury Race 6 60.5kg 56.5kg 4kg
13. Archade Lismore Race 5 57kg 54kg 3kg
14. La Padrina Moe Race 10 59.5kg 56.5kg 3kg
9. Hard Core Lismore Race 5 57kg 54kg 3kg
12. Young Amazon Lismore Race 4 57kg 54kg 3kg
11. Je Suis Tycoon Moe Race 7 59kg 56.5kg 2.5kg
6. Old Trieste Lismore Race 5 59kg 57kg 2kg
17. Wraith Of Odin Lismore Race 7 57.5kg 55.5kg 2kg
14. Captain The World Lismore Race 5 55.5kg 54kg 1.5kg
11. Saint Laura Moe Race 5 58kg 56.5kg 1.5kg
13. Didn't Turn Up Moe Race 2 58kg 56.5kg 1.5kg
2. It's A Fireball Albury Race 5 60kg 59kg 1kg
6. Churchill's Speech Albury Race 6 57kg 56kg 1kg
10. Biding Time Albury Race 7 55kg 54kg 1kg
15. Belsbro Moe Race 9 59.5kg 58.5kg 1kg

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