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Happy Valley Form Guides for Wednesday February 13th 2019GOOD4

Meeting Details

The meeting at Happy Valley in Hong Kong on Wednesday 13th February consists of nine races ranging in distance from the 1,000 metre sprint in race one to the staying race over 1,800 metres in race five. Track conditions for the meeting are good 4 and a total prize purse of $2,054,400 is available from all races on the card.

The The Happy Valley Trophy (C1) (a handicap race over 1,200 metres) is the feature race of the day at 9:15pm, offering $420,000 in prize money for the horses taking part. The favourite is Gunnison, trained by John Size, out of Hong Kong. The four year old gelding is currently priced at $2.05 to win.

Race Schedule

1 18:45 Tsui Man Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1000m $147k
2 19:15 Yuk Sau Hcp (C5) Handicap Class 5 1650m $110k
3 19:45 Village Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1200m $147k
4 20:15 Yik Yam Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1650m $147k
5 20:45 Sing Woo Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1800m $221k
6 21:15 The Happy Valley Trophy (C1) Handicap Class 1 1200m $420k
7 21:45 Shan Kwong Hcp (C1) Handicap Class 1 1650m $420k
8 22:15 King Kwong Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1650m $221k
9 22:50 Blue Pool Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1200m $221k

Meeting Runner List

Horse Trainer Jockey Weight Race
Acclaimed Light Paul O'Sullivan Dylan Mo 60.5
All Best Friends K L Man Man Silvestre De Sousa 60.5
All Great Friends K L Man Man Vincent Ho 57.5
Almababy Y S Tsui Jack Wong 51.5
Alpha Hedge K W Lui Joao Moreira 56
Alphabet Invention D J Hall Alexis Badel 57
Ambitious Heart David Ferraris Keith Yeung 51.5
Applause Jimmy Ting Alexis Badel 56.5
Blade Racer C S Shum Matthew Poon 57
Born In China K W Lui Umberto Rispoli 60.5
Brave Legend A S Cruz Vincent Ho 56
California Archer A S Cruz Vincent Ho 60.5
California Fortune A S Cruz Karis Teetan 54
Cash Courier D J Hall Silvestre De Sousa 54.5
Charity Grand C S Shum Karis Teetan 56.5
Cheerful Boy Jimmy Ting Matthew Chadwick 53.5
Cheerful Star Frankie Lor Umberto Rispoli 56
Circuit Glory A S Cruz Karis Teetan 52
Citron Spirit P Yiu Matthew Poon 60.5
Crown Avenue C H Yip Umberto Rispoli 60
Dollar Reward C S Shum Neil Callan 56
Dragon Regiment T P Yung Keith Yeung 60.5
E Master Caspar Fownes Zac Purton 60
Encouraging John Moore Silvestre De Sousa 60.5
Epic A S Cruz Neil Callan 60.5
Flat Heaven P Yiu Matthew Chadwick 59
Flying Monkey T P Yung Keith Yeung 59
Flying Quest D J Hall Vincent Ho 52
Fortune Booth John Moore Silvestre De Sousa 52
Frustrated Frankie Lor Karis Teetan 57
General Iron David Ferraris Neil Callan 57
Gift Of Lifeline A T Millard Callan Murray 56
Golden Cannon K W Lui Vincent Ho 57.5
Good Omen C H Yip Zac Purton 58.5
Gracious Ryder D J Hall Zac Purton 56
Great Joy D J Hall Matthew Poon 55
Gunnison John Size Joao Moreira 58
Handsome Bo Bo K L Man Man Alexis Badel 58
Happy Dragon John Moore Zac Purton 59
Happy Warrior John Moore Zac Purton 55.5
Harmony Hero Richard Gibson Neil Callan 59.5
Harrier Jet Paul O'Sullivan Neil Callan 54.5
Hearts Keeper David Ferraris Grant Van Niekerk 59.5
High Five A T Millard Karis Teetan 58
Hk Tourbillon P Yiu Matthew Poon 51.5
Horse Of Fortune C H Yip Eddy Lai 58
Imperial Gallantry Paul O'Sullivan Martin Harley 60.5
Insayshable John Size Joao Moreira 60.5
Investor Boom John Moore Alberto Sanna 58.5
Jimson The Dragon C H Yip Umberto Rispoli 56
Junzi W Y So Alberto Sanna 56
King's Heroism Peter Ho Eddy Lai 55.5
Litterateur Richard Gibson Matthew Chadwick 54.5
Little Island K L Man Man Derek Leung 55.5
Look Eras Y S Tsui Keith Yeung 59
Lucky Coin K L Man Man Martin Harley 55.5
Lucky Girl C S Shum Grant Van Niekerk 55
Lucky Storm C S Shum Dylan Mo 56
Magnificent Peter Ho Dylan Mo 53
Majestic Endeavour Caspar Fownes Jack Wong 54
Massive Power Peter Ho Eddy Lai 51.5
Mister Monte C W Chang Jack Wong 51.5
Music Addition Y S Tsui Silvestre De Sousa 59.5
My Blessing C H Yip Matthew Poon 54
My Dear A S Cruz Martin Harley 58.5
Nicconi Express John Size Joao Moreira 58.5
Nitro Express David Ferraris Alexis Badel 52.5
Nordic Warrior Richard Gibson Matthew Chadwick 51.5
Packing Dragon P Yiu Dylan Mo 55
People's Knight John Moore Eddy Lai 51.5
Pikachu David Ferraris Grant Van Niekerk 58
Ping Hai Treasure John Size Joao Moreira 54.5
Planet Nicconi W Y So Derek Leung 56
Polymer Luck Jimmy Ting Silvestre De Sousa 55.5
Power Racer Caspar Fownes Vincent Ho 56.5
Rickfield A T Millard Umberto Rispoli 54.5
Rise High Caspar Fownes Zac Purton 60.5
Rookie Star P Yiu Karis Teetan 60
Sacred Ibis Paul O'Sullivan Alexis Badel 58
Sarri Caspar Fownes Karis Teetan 58
Sea Jade John Moore Matthew Poon 51.5
Showing Character David Ferraris Umberto Rispoli 56
Starlight C H Yip Umberto Rispoli 60.5
Sumstreetsumwhere Peter Ho Dylan Mo 53
Super Chic A S Cruz Vincent Ho 56
Super Fun C H Yip Umberto Rispoli 56.5
Super Giant Caspar Fownes Karis Teetan 57.5
Super Hoppy C S Shum Silvestre De Sousa 51.5
Super Turbo D J Hall Vincent Ho 52.5
Tai Smart Frankie Lor Vincent Ho 57
Telecom Brothers Y S Tsui Keith Yeung 51.5
Tennessee Boss Richard Gibson Matthew Chadwick 57.5
The Invincible W Y So Joao Moreira 54
The Sylph David Ferraris Alexis Badel 52
Tornado Twist John Size Joao Moreira 59
Triumphal Win C W Chang Zac Purton 56
Turin Redstar Frankie Lor Derek Leung 53
Very Rich Man Peter Ho Dylan Mo 59.5
Victory Machine John Moore Matthew Poon 57.5
Vigor Fame K W Lui Matthew Poon 53
Wah May Princess A S Cruz Karis Teetan 53
Water Diviner K W Lui Derek Leung 58.5
Wishful Thinker Richard Gibson Alexis Badel 59
You Have My Word T P Yung Silvestre De Sousa 51.5

Top Jockeys at Happy Valley last 12 months

Jockey Wins Rides SR% Today
Zac Purton 55 250 22% 7
A Domeyer 7 35 20% 0
Cash Wong 23 143 16% 0
Joao Moreira 23 156 15% 7
Vincent Ho 27 211 13% 9
Karis Teetan 30 247 12% 9
Silvestre De Sousa 11 106 10% 8
Matthew Poon 19 196 10% 8
Chad Schofield 12 142 8% 0
Douglas Whyte 7 88 8% 0

Top Trainers at Happy Valley last 12 months

Trainer Wins Runners SR% Today
Jimmy Ting 20 135 15% 3
John Size 22 164 13% 5
A S Cruz 23 189 12% 8
Caspar Fownes 26 216 12% 6
Frankie Lor 13 110 12% 4
Peter Ho 18 170 11% 5
A T Millard 13 123 11% 3
C S Shum 18 185 10% 6
John Moore 13 136 10% 8
Y S Tsui 18 194 9% 4

Happy Valley Track Barrier Draw Bias


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