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Happy Valley Form Guides for Wednesday May 5th 2021FIRM

Meeting Details

The meeting at Happy Valley in Hong Kong on Wednesday 5th May consists of nine races ranging in distance from the 1,000 metre sprint in race three to the staying race over 1,650 metres in race two. Track conditions for the meeting are firm 0 and a total prize purse of $1,872,000 is available from all races on the card.

The Hok Yuen Hcp (C2) (a handicap race over 1,200 metres) is the feature race of the day at 10:50pm, offering $352,000 in prize money for the horses taking part.

Race Schedule

1 18:45 Ma Tau Wai Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1200m $160k
2 19:15 Kowloon City Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1650m $240k
3 19:45 Ma Tau Kok Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1000m $160k
4 20:15 Ma Tau Wai Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1200m $160k
5 20:45 Ma Tau Wai Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1200m $160k
6 21:15 To Kwa Wan Hcp (C4) Handicap Class 4 1650m $160k
7 21:45 Hung Hom Bay Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1200m $240k
8 22:15 Hung Hom Bay Hcp (C3) Handicap Class 3 1200m $240k
9 22:50 Hok Yuen Hcp (C2) Handicap Class 2 1200m $352k

Meeting Runner List

Horse Trainer Jockey Weight Race
Aca Power Y S Tsui Jack Wong 58
Ambitious Heart David Ferraris Jerry Chau 57.5
Beauty Amigo K L Man Man Matthew Poon 56.5
Bond A Star C H Yip Jack Wong 51.5
Booming Well C H Yip Matthew Chadwick 56.5
Bulletproof P Yiu R Maia 57.5
Bullish Brother A S Cruz Keith Yeung 57
California Rad A S Cruz Matthew Chadwick 59
Capital Star Caspar Fownes Alfred Ak Chan 60.5
Casa Kingdom David Hayes Blake Shinn 55
Casimiro Paul O'Sullivan Derek Leung 54.5
Champion Pride David Ferraris V Borges 52
Circuit Seven A S Cruz Karis Teetan 60
Colonel P Yiu Chad Schofield 60.5
Dancing Fighter Caspar Fownes Joao Moreira 60
Day Day Rich T P Yung R Maia 54.5
Demons Rock D J Hall Matthew Poon 54.5
Dream Warriors A S Cruz Matthew Chadwick 60
E Honey Caspar Fownes Alexis Badel 52
Eternal Beauty A S Cruz Matthew Chadwick 52
Everyone's Victory Frankie Lor Alexis Badel 55
Exuberant C S Shum Zac Purton 58
Fearless Fire David Hayes Matthew Poon 53.5
Fighting Star Douglas Whyte Alexis Badel 54.5
Forte Caspar Fownes Matthew Chadwick 53
Fortune Hero Richard Gibson Karis Teetan 51.5
Gallant Crown A T Millard Karis Teetan 52.5
Give Way Please David Hayes Derek Leung 56
Guy Dragon Caspar Fownes Joao Moreira 53
Handsome Bo Bo C S Shum Alexis Badel 55.5
Happy Gathering K L Man Man Matthew Chadwick 54.5
Happy Good Guys P Yiu Jack Wong 52.5
Happy Profit C S Shum Zac Purton 56
Happy Time W Y So Vincent Ho 55
Harmony Fire Douglas Whyte Jerry Chau 60.5
Harmony N Blessed David Hayes Blake Shinn 56
Harmony N Home C S Shum Karis Teetan 57.5
Hong Kong Bet Jimmy Ting Chad Schofield 53
Igniting K W Lui Matthew Poon 52.5
Immense Hedge John Size Joao Moreira 56.5
Inno Legend K L Man Man Derek Leung 56.5
Invincible Missile W Y So Alex Lai 51.5
Island Shine P Yiu Matthew Poon 53.5
Jolly Honour Y S Tsui Alexis Badel 59.5
Kai Xin Dragon David Hayes Chad Schofield 56.5
Kinda Cool Frankie Lor Zac Purton 59
Light My Day C H Yip Jack Wong 52.5
Little Bird K L Man Man Alex Lai 56.5
Lobo's Legend Paul O'Sullivan Derek Leung 53.5
Majestic Star P Yiu Joao Moreira 55
Master Albert W Y So Anthony Hamelin 56
McLucky Douglas Whyte Jerry Chau 59
Melbourne Hall D J Hall Anthony Hamelin 55
Moonluck K W Lui Zac Purton 55
Noble Desire Douglas Whyte Matthew Poon 52.5
Oriental Amigo Y S Tsui Karis Teetan 55
Peak To Peak Frankie Lor Joao Moreira 57.5
Ping Hai Galaxy John Size Anthony Hamelin 56
Poised To Strike David Hayes Blake Shinn 59
Power Profit C S Shum Anthony Hamelin 56.5
Precious Sweetie Peter Ho Keith Yeung 51.5
Raging Blaze John Size Chad Schofield 55
Rainbow Light Douglas Whyte Karis Teetan 56.5
Regency Master C S Shum Zac Purton 60.5
Royal Bomb Caspar Fownes Joao Moreira 60.5
Royal Racer Caspar Fownes Joao Moreira 58.5
Shining Gem P Yiu Harry Bentley 57
Shining On K W Lui Vincent Ho 59.5
Showina David Hayes Blake Shinn 60.5
Silver Fig A T Millard Anthony Hamelin 56
Smiling City Douglas Whyte Jerry Chau 55.5
Smoothies C S Shum Zac Purton 55
Snap Fit Caspar Fownes Vincent Ho 52.5
Special M John Size Karis Teetan 56.5
Stanley Park David Ferraris Blake Shinn 60.5
Stay Chill W Y So Vincent Ho 55.5
Steel Win C W Chang Anthony Hamelin 55
Stock Legend K W Lui Zac Purton 59
Stormtrouper C H Yip Matthew Chadwick 55.5
Strive For Glory Frankie Lor Vincent Ho 54.5
Sugamo Caspar Fownes Joao Moreira 56.5
Sunny Star K W Lui Alexis Badel 58.5
Super Commander David Ferraris Blake Shinn 57
Super Hong Kong A T Millard Matthew Poon 53.5
Superb Daddy David Ferraris Derek Leung 56
Surrealism David Ferraris Tony Piccone 54
Take What You Need Douglas Whyte Jerry Chau 60.5
Takingufurther Jimmy Ting Keith Yeung 55.5
Telecom Fighters Y S Tsui Vincent Ho 56
Total Power D J Hall Jerry Chau 60
Transcendent A S Cruz Matthew Chadwick 55
Very Sweet Orange Y S Tsui Victor Wong 54.5
Victorious Seeker Paul O'Sullivan Harry Bentley 56
Vigor Champ P Yiu Karis Teetan 57.5
Whiskey Neat Caspar Fownes Alfred Ak Chan 60
Will Power Douglas Whyte Jerry Chau 60.5
Win Tech Paul O'Sullivan V Borges 56
Wind N Grass John Size Karis Teetan 55
Wine And Wine T P Yung R Maia 57.5
Winning Delago Jimmy Ting Chad Schofield 57.5
Winston's Lad K W Lui Keith Yeung 52.5
Won Ball Paul O'Sullivan Derek Leung 56
Wood On Fire Peter Ho Derek Leung 54.5
Zelus C W Chang Jack Wong 55.5

Top Jockeys at Happy Valley last 12 months

Jockey Wins Rides SR% Today
Zac Purton 65 296 22% 7
Joao Moreira 59 280 21% 8
Christophe Soumillon 6 35 17% 0
Karis Teetan 37 301 12% 9
Alexis Badel 30 255 12% 6
Jerry Chau 19 163 12% 7
Vincent Ho 22 238 9% 6
Matthew Poon 17 217 8% 7
Derek Leung 18 233 8% 7
V Borges 13 195 7% 2

Top Trainers at Happy Valley last 12 months

Trainer Wins Runners SR% Today
K W Lui 31 220 14% 6
Caspar Fownes 37 269 14% 10
C S Shum 26 199 13% 7
Frankie Lor 26 215 12% 4
A S Cruz 23 211 11% 6
Douglas Whyte 20 188 11% 8
D J Hall 16 165 10% 3
John Size 17 179 9% 5
K L Man Man 17 190 9% 4
Y S Tsui 21 244 9% 5

Happy Valley Track Barrier Draw Bias


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