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farmermick Monday 1st July at 1:10am

Has anyone tried/punted on any Virtual Horse Racing sites? what was the experience like? very popular in Europe and USA and slowly popping up downunder, Thanks in advance-Mick.

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Harrier Saturday 13th July at 12:50pm

I haven't tried it myself FM but it just sounds a bit too much like pokies to me in the sense that we may as well be betting on two flies crawling up a wall if it's come to 'virtual horses'. I like to bet on things which at least have a pulse. Too random for me.

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spudman Wednesday 31st July at 10:45am

if you watch 100 races and no long shot has won, start backing them. otherwise you're betting against a computer that is probably tied into funds bet, and rigged to produce the best outcome for the company

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miss tipstar Saturday 31st August at 1:49am

we are working on a fair system where it similar to tipping comps and you pay for tokens and compete against those in the Pool so you can only buy for so many races and its clearly for a fun adventure not to make money of punters (its not a gamin site as such) Prizes will be Hi Definition TV's/Dishwashers?/Electronics etc etc. trying to offer something more and fair is the most trasnsparent I can be, prizes are from sponsors and it will be run under tipping comp rules (legislation is you cannot earn money from it) stay tuned, we have Europeans working on the Graphics so similar to anyone who knows the WSOP website, cheers FM

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