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farmermick Monday 1st July at 1:10am

Has anyone tried/punted on any Virtual Horse Racing sites? what was the experience like? very popular in Europe and USA and slowly popping up downunder, Thanks in advance-Mick.

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Harrier Saturday 13th July at 12:50pm

I haven't tried it myself FM but it just sounds a bit too much like pokies to me in the sense that we may as well be betting on two flies crawling up a wall if it's come to 'virtual horses'. I like to bet on things which at least have a pulse. Too random for me.

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spudman Wednesday 31st July at 10:45am

if you watch 100 races and no long shot has won, start backing them. otherwise you're betting against a computer that is probably tied into funds bet, and rigged to produce the best outcome for the company

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