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Gold Coast Form Guides for Saturday March 16th 2019HEAVY9

Meeting Details

The meeting at Gold Coast in Australia on Saturday 16th March consists of ten races ranging in distance from the 900 metre sprint in race three to the staying race over 2,400 metres in race two. Track conditions for the meeting are heavy 9 and a total prize purse of $1,310,000 is available from all races on the card.

The Aquis 2yo Jewel (a set weight race over 1,200 metres) is the feature race of the day at 3:22pm, offering $500,000 in prize money for the horses taking part. The favourite is The Odyssey, trained by Kelly Schweida, out of Eagle Farm. The two year old colt is currently priced at $3.30 to win.

Race Schedule

1 11:35 Tab Hollindale Stks May 4 (C3) Set Weight Class 3 1800m $45k
2 12:12 Moco Meats Rump Steaks (Bm85) Handicap Benchmark 85 2400m $75k
3 12:48 McCain Foods (Rs0mw) Handicap Rest 0 Metro Wins 900m $75k
4 13:27 Lilydale Chicken (Bm70) Handicap Benchmark 70 1200m $45k
5 14:07 Perfect Italiano (Bm70) Handicap Benchmark 70 1200m $45k
6 14:43 Moco Food Serv Gold Coast Stks Quality Open 1800m $125k
7 15:22 Aquis 2yo Jewel Set Weight Open 1200m 2yo $500k
8 17:02 Tab 3yo Jewel Set Weight Open 1200m 3yo $200k
9 17:42 Tab Goldmarket Quality Open 1200m $125k
10 18:25 Cracker Barrel Plate (C6) Set Weight Class 6 1400m $75k

Meeting Runner List

Horse Trainer Jockey Weight Race
Ahwahneechee A & T Ross & Sweeney James Orman 58
All Pluck Tony Gollan Baylee Nothdurft 60.5
All Summer Long Gregory Hickman Ryan Plumb 57.5
Allround Glory Lyle Wright Jag Guthmann-Chester 59
Angela's Beauty B & D Guy & Guy Daniel Griffin 57
Aristograts Gregory Hickman Ryan Plumb 57.5
Bachelor's Art Andrew Williamson Daniel Griffin 54
Balboa Rocks Darryl Hansen Daniel Griffin 56
Barefoot Tony Sears Mark Du Plessis 55
Beacon Toby Edmonds James Orman 54.5
Bold Warrior Gary Doughty Jag Guthmann-Chester 58
Bonsho Tony Sears Clayton Gallagher 59
Boom Boy Tony Gollan Brad Stewart 58
Brains Tony Gollan Brad Stewart 59
Buckets Of Pride Chris Munce Ryan Wiggins 55
Cabeirian Gary Doughty Jag Guthmann-Chester 60
Cannyescent Desleigh Forster Mark Du Plessis 54
Char Char Chris Anderson Clayton Gallagher 58
Class Of Royalty John Zielke Anthony Allen 57
Cool Drafts Ben Currie Baylee Nothdurft 58
Cormac Chris Waller Robbie Fradd 54
Cossie John Wallace Baylee Nothdurft 54
Cyclone Topgirl Lyle Wright Nathan Day 55
Defence Missile Les Ross Jeff Lloyd 57
Divine Dice Chris Meagher Tegan Harrison 51.5
Dominant Crown Wayne S Lawson Corey Bayliss 55
Drumadoir Lorraine Erhart Larry Cassidy 57
Endless Days P & W Hulbert Nathan Day 54
Epicurious Louise White Daniel Griffin 55
Errol Paul A Nolan Ron Stewart 54
Fabulonh Robert Heathcote Ryan Wiggins 57.5
Fairlighting Toby Edmonds Dale Smith 54
Fighting Teo Kevin Kemp Dale Smith 54
Follow Suit Chris Waller Jag Guthmann-Chester 59
Freddie Fox Trot Les Kelly Daniel Griffin 51.5
From Within Toby Edmonds Jeff Lloyd 53
Girls Are Ready Joe Cleary Jessica Taylor 55
Go Dixie Scott Morrisey Jedidiah Hodge 58
Golden Sheaf David Vandyke Micheal Hellyer 57
Gun Bolt Bruce Hill Mark Du Plessis 59
Gwapo Scott Morrisey Michael Murphy 56
Gypsy Toff Paul Butterworth Larry Cassidy 55
Haames Colt Prosser Paul Hammersley 59
Hallelujah Boy Kris Lees James Orman 54
High Cost Gregory Cornish Jedidiah Hodge 55.5
High Degree Rochelle Smith Baylee Nothdurft 54
Hirtshals Brian J Smith Baylee Nothdurft 55.5
Hold On Paul A Nolan Robbie Fradd 55.5
Honour'n'strength Melissa Leitch Leslie Tilley 59
I Am Venus Billy Healey James Orman 56
In His Stride Rex Lipp Dale Smith 52
Ingeegoodbe Robert Heathcote Ryan Maloney 54.5
Jobiwood David Fletcher Tegan Harrison 57
Killerman's Run Glenn Stockdale Mark Du Plessis 55.5
King Dinisty Tony Sears Emma Ljung 54.5
King Lear Tony Newing Michael Cahill 51.5
Lady McCabe Helen Page Michael Cahill 54
Looks Like Elvis Bryan Dais Matthew McGillivray 54
Lota Creek Gold Harold Norman Brooke Ainsworth 57.5
Love Struck Scott Morrisey Robbie Fradd 57
Macewen Tony Gollan Brad Stewart 57
Madluce Missile Chris Anderson Corey Bayliss 58
Magic Ink Rochelle Smith Leslie Tilley 54
Malvern Estate Desleigh Forster Brad Stewart 51.5
Meteorologist Marcus Wilson Paul Hammersley 54
Mishani Hustler Ben Currie Taylor Marshall 57
Mishani Vaidra Ben Currie Joshua Oliver 54
Miss Amanda Ben Ahrens Paul Hammersley 54.5
Miss Cavallo Michael G Nolan Dale Smith 55
Monaco Playboy Chris Munce Michael Murphy 59.5
Mr Marbellouz Kevin Kemp Baylee Nothdurft 52.5
Nelumbo B & D Guy & Guy Ryan Plumb 59
Odds Or Evens Colt Prosser Paul Hammersley 54
Our Gravano Kris Lees Larry Cassidy 56.5
Own Sweet Way Natalie McCall Ron Stewart 57.5
Perfect Aim Pat Duff Clayton Gallagher 57
Perilous Love Scott Morrisey Clayton Gallagher 54
Perudo Tony Gollan Brad Stewart 55
Peter John Scott Morrisey Dale Smith 56
Pickelhaube Kris Lees Jeff Lloyd 57.5
Ready To Roam Tony Gollan Ron Stewart 57
Real Ego Rex Lipp Baylee Nothdurft 57.5
Red Colour Les Ross Anthony Allen 55.5
Red Stina Rex Lipp Michael Cahill 55
Redex Michael G Nolan Michael Schrapel 56
River Racer Les Ross Taylor Marshall 52.5
Rodrico Bjorn Baker Jeff Lloyd 59.5
Say I Cee You Liam Birchley Dale Smith 57
Scorcha Tony Gollan Brad Stewart 57
Secret Mo Lindsay Gough Michael Murphy 57.5
See The Master Chris Waller Robbie Fradd 59
Seento Toby Edmonds Jag Guthmann-Chester 59
Sidetrip Scott Morrisey Jag Guthmann-Chester 54.5
Silver Melody Kris Lees Larry Cassidy 54
Singing Kris Lees Mark Du Plessis 60.5
Sir Barnabus Jason Edwards Matthew McGillivray 59
Skate To Paris Chris Munce Matthew McGillivray 51.5
Sornja Steven O'Dea Boris Thornton 55.5
Soxagon Ben Currie Daniel Griffin 57
Spirit's Choice Matt Kropp Matthew McGillivray 55
Spirit's Pride Michael G Nolan Boris Thornton 57
Sugar Boom Tony Gollan Jeff Lloyd 55
Tawfiq Boy Kris Lees Larry Cassidy 59
The Odyssey Kelly Schweida James Orman 57
The Tax Accountant Tom Button Ryan Maloney 57
The Zoff Eric Singh Jason Taylor 54
Time For Love P & P Snowden Glen Colless 55
Timely Bel Bruce Hill Jag Guthmann-Chester 55
Tinder Kelly Purdy Tegan Harrison 55
Tisani Magic Kevin Kemp Matthew McGillivray 58
Trail Of Glory Tony Gollan Ron Stewart 55
Tyzone Toby Edmonds Jag Guthmann-Chester 55.5
Upstart Pride Michael G Nolan Boris Thornton 53
Vaucluse Bay Chris Waller Mark Du Plessis 59.5
Wack'em Scott Morrisey Jedidiah Hodge 54.5
Warface Les Kelly Daniel Griffin 57
Whycatchim Ben Currie 59
Winter Passage Stuart Kendrick James Orman 57
Wu Gok Chris Waller Michael Cahill 54
Xanthus Matthew Dunn Ryan Maloney 57
Xebec Chris Waller Larry Cassidy 54.5
Zollikon Miss Bryan Dais Matthew Palmer 54.5

Top Jockeys at Gold Coast last 12 months

Jockey Wins Rides SR% Today
Ryan Maloney 8 26 31% 3
Matthew Gray 3 12 25% 0
Jag Guthmann-Chester 9 37 24% 8
Jeff Lloyd 11 50 22% 5
Luke Dittman 32 147 22% 0
Jackson Murphy 10 46 22% 0
Daniel Griffin 30 150 20% 7
Michael Cahill 8 40 20% 4
Ryan Plumb 36 191 19% 3
Nozi Tomizawa 2 11 18% 0

Top Trainers at Gold Coast last 12 months

Trainer Wins Runners SR% Today
Garry Newham 5 12 42% 0
Tony Sears 8 23 35% 3
David Vandyke 6 19 32% 1
Michael Costa 19 69 28% 0
John Wallace 4 16 25% 1
Gary Doughty 8 32 25% 2
Chris Waller 20 87 23% 6
Toby Edmonds 24 105 23% 5
Chris Anderson 13 63 21% 2
David Joice 9 47 19% 0

Gold Coast Track Barrier Draw Bias


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