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Customisable Form Guides

World class form guides with every statistic you can imagine.

Add as many stat columns as you want, from Metro record to last 3 months, first-up, group race record...the list goes on.


Unlimited access to our FormBuilder tool, allowing you to customise the form guides in any way you want.

You can do this on each individual form guide, or for every race coming up.

Unique Statistics

Our unique perspective on racing shines through with our career spell graph, head to head comparison tools and other stats not available anywhere else.

Odds Comparison

Compare fixed odds from over 35 Australian-based online bookmakers for each race, including Betfair. That's more than any other service in the land.

Customize which bookies you see on the form guide, and even get alerts when your selection hits the price you want!


Get email alerts when your runners are declared. Go a step further and get alerts for your system bets the next day.

We'll even let you know if your chosen runner hits your chosen price, for the win or the place.

That's not all, there's tons more available! Take a look at our product tour for some more details.