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Biggest drop in weight from last start

16. Mick 'n' Me Echuca Race 5 69.5kg 59.5kg 10kg
7. Star Of Monsoon Fannie Bay Race 4 61kg 54kg 7kg
8. Bull Market Fannie Bay Race 7 60kg 54kg 6kg
14. Fearless Queen Warwick Race 7 60.5kg 54.5kg 6kg
7. Safety Dance Fannie Bay Race 7 60.5kg 55kg 5.5kg
11. Mr Boomjangles Fannie Bay Race 9 59.5kg 54kg 5.5kg
15. Moats Corner Fannie Bay Race 1 59kg 54kg 5kg
10. Metro Boy Fannie Bay Race 9 59kg 54kg 5kg
13. Scorch The Turf Gundagai Race 1 59.5kg 55kg 4.5kg
9. Falvey's Spirit Warwick Race 5 58.5kg 54.5kg 4kg
8. Eight Willows Gundagai Race 1 59kg 55kg 4kg
6. Embley Fannie Bay Race 7 59.5kg 55.5kg 4kg
11. Trident Fannie Bay Race 11 58kg 54kg 4kg
6. Roots'n'rocks Warwick Race 3 58kg 54kg 4kg
9. Casino Seventeen Fannie Bay Race 11 58kg 54kg 4kg
12. Rhythmical Fannie Bay Race 9 57.5kg 54kg 3.5kg
8. Beau Belle Gundagai Race 4 58.5kg 55kg 3.5kg
5. Aleda Gundagai Race 4 60.5kg 57kg 3.5kg
6. Clay Pan Boogie Gundagai Race 4 59kg 55.5kg 3.5kg
7. Boom Chugga Lugga Warwick Race 6 59kg 55.5kg 3.5kg
10. Blue Jean Baby Fannie Bay Race 1 58kg 55kg 3kg

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